Wealth Management

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Whether you’re just beginning a successful career or enjoying the returns of your years of hard work, you’ll likely want to manage and preserve your wealth efficiently and effectively. Our financial advisors are your trusted advocates who will assess your needs and goals and offer solutions that will ensure your continued financial well being.

A career in sports provides an athlete with the potential to earn millions of dollars over the course of his career. However, recent studies indicate that over seventy percent of athletic players face serious financial hardship within two years of retiring from their sport’s career. PSM  is dedicated to working with our clients to secure both their short and long term financial security. To accomplish this goal, PSM works with the financial industry’s leading firms to assist our clients with cash flow management during their playing career coupled with an eye on long range financial planning.

Financial planning

We see financial planning as an ongoing process specifically designed to reflect your life, your dreams, and the personal legacy you want to leave. Assessing your current financial situation, understanding your goals and aspirations, and determining your tolerance for risk is at the heart of financial planning. Our financial advisors will offer you ideas and recommendations to help you manage issues like cash flow, saving for college for your loved ones, retirement income, and tax strategies.

In addition, we offer strategies designed to help ensure you and/or your family assets are protected.

Our Financial Planning Process: We believe good financial planning is an ongoing, collaborative process that reflects your changing personal circumstances as well as fluctuations in the economy and capital markets. As a Sports Management and Wealth Management client, your financial plan won’t be a one-size-fits-all document that sits on a shelf gathering dust.

  • First, we listen closely to understand your life and financial goals.
  • Then, we determine what it will take for you to achieve your goals, and recommend solutions to fit your needs.
  • Working together, we agree on the way forward and create a written analysis of your situation and a recommended action plan based on the priorities you have identified.
  • Next, the solutions are put into action, and then we follow-up to make sure your plan stays on track.

Our Role: The main purpose of PSM’s financial advisors is to assist clients in the planning and arrangement of their financial affairs, such as savings, retirement provisions, tax treatment and wills. To ensure ethical practices, our financial advisors understand the client’s financial situation as well as their need for financial stability. Finance can be complicated, therefore, our advisors has responsibilities ethically to see that our client’s risk is minimized, and monetarily, that money is maximized within the established risk boundaries.

Retirement planning

One of the major services that our financial advisors offer is retirement planning. Our financial advisors has knowledge of budgeting, forecasting, taxation, asset allocation, and financial tools and products to establish realistic goals and the strategy by which to reach our clients, including, but are not limited to,  the use of several investment tools such as 401(k)/403(b) Roth account(s), Individual Retirement Accounts/Roth IRAs, mutual funds, stocks, bonds and CDs.

Our financial advisors determine what percentage of the available income is necessary—taking into account tax liabilities, expected inflation, and projected return on investment—to meet a minimum balance by our client’s target age of retirement.  PSM’s financial advisor’s greatest contribution is asset allocation: determining how to maximize the return on investment while satisfying the client’s risk tolerance.


PSM’s Financial advisors* may help our clients invest for both long and short term goals. Our financial advisor’s duty is to determine the clients’ goals and risk tolerance and then to recommend appropriate investments. Generally, a long time horizon allows for our advisors to recommend more volatile investments with potentially greater risks and rewards. Such investments include direct investment in stocks or through collective investment products such as mutual funds and unit investment trusts/unit trusts.

If our client has shorter term goals, our advisors would recommend less volatile investments with shorter time spans. Such investments could include cash deposits, certificates of deposit, and short term bonds. While these types of investment generally have lower returns there is less volatility and there is less likelihood of losing principal capital. Although short-term investments can guard against loss of capital, their value can be eroded by inflation over longer periods of time.

There comes a time when every professional athlete wants to start thinking about what happens when he or she is no longer in his/her career – rather from injury or retirement. Many people wait longer than they should to start thinking about the future, and that sometimes results in an undesirable outcome. Good planning, started early, is the key to a successful transition of your career and retrirement.

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*Financial Advisors are members of  The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the largest professional organization for fee-only financial advisors in the country.