Our Team

We have assembled an elite team of highly-respected professionals with impeccable credentials, technical expertise, applied knowledge and industry experience to service the varied and ever changing needs of our client family. From our management team to support staff, our clients will interact and work with only the best the industry has to offer.

Our experience is second to none. We have developed many productive working relationships with front office personnel, coaches, managers, and scouts throughout the NFL, CFL, MLB and other sports; have earned a league-wide reputation for tenacious advocacy of our clients and integrity and fair dealing in contract negotiations. PSM’s team understands the physical and mental demands required to become and remain a successful professional player.

PSM athlete clients enjoy the benefits and piece of mind that come from representation regarding both sports matters and any other legal matters, personal or business matter that may arise.  The combined resources of PSM and in-house counsel immediately address and undertake to fully resolve any legal issue, and when necessary, know how to successfully achieve the goal without unwarranted publicity or needless distractions.

Our knowledge of the true decision-makers on each professional sports team has allowed us to maximize and even elevate the draft positions of our clients while our educational background, extensive legal experience and comprehensive knowledge of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (“CBA”) and all other legal agreements has allowed us to set and maintain a high standard of excellence in negotiations for our clients.

We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals, not only commercially but through their professional and personal life. We fully understand the difficulties associated with life as a top sportsman and we are here to guide our clients to their potential.

With an increasingly competitive marketplace, never has it been so important to receive accurate advice. In order to deliver that advice we have assembled a team of real experts, leaders in their field, with outstanding experience in delivering what is required within sport. We apply this knowledge where it is required to develop a career strategy focused on maximizing our clients sporting and commercial success.

We pride ourselves on offering the same level of service to all of our clients regardless of their career stage. This is one of our core values and as such will remain at the center of all that we do. So you can rest assured that we will continue to place our clients at the forefront of commercial opportunities while ensuring their sporting performance receives the attention it deserves.

Our Team

Matthew “Bo” P. – Principal / Certified FIFA Basketball Contract Advisor: Matthew has 27 years experience in the Legal Industry and has a vast experience in contract negotiations and legal issues. Proud Member of The Sports Lawyer Association.







Rhonda “Rhoyal” W. – Principal / Certified Football Contract Advisor: Rhonda has 20 years experience in the legal industry and has a vast experience in contract negotiations, asset protection, wealth preservation, and legal issues. Criminal Justice, LL.M. Taxation, and law graduate; Rhonda draws upon these experiences to provide a basis for the consulting services she offers to professional athletes. Sport-Related Concussion Training Certification and Proud Member of The Sports Lawyer Association.







Jeremy “Jay” T. – General Counsel / Certified  Baseball and Golf Contract Advisor: Jeremy is instrumental in taking care of the day to day issues at the agency, from bringing in new clients to advising clients careers. A business and law graduate, he has an eye for future stars. Jeremy’s hands on approach to recruiting, representing, and promoting elite athletes has led to the success of many professional athletes in the sports entertainment industry. Proud Member of The Sports Lawyer Association.





Tyrone W. – Director of Client Services and Operations: Overseeing strategic placement of clients and liaising with national and global third party companies.







Terry B.– Public Relations & Marketing Executive: Planning, advertising, public relations, organizing events, product development, distribution, sponsorship and research.







Jaime S. – Contract & PR Acquisition







Joanne “Jo” D.- Administrative Assistant







Amber R. – Travel Coordinator

NFL, CFL, FIBA, MLB Certified/Registered Contract Advisors







Thatianne “Annie” M. – Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)*

*Financial Advisors are members of  The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the largest professional organization for fee-only financial advisors in the country.